Arts For ALL 2020

Dance For ALL March 5th-April 23rd 1:30-2:30PM


Dance For ALL taught by Shirley Rowe

Shirley Rowe learned to love Folk dance in a PE class at Western Washington University, where she earned her elementary education degree. A few years later, after a courtship involving Friday night dances at the grange hall, she married her husband Steve. After over 30 years, they are still dancing together. Shirley taught elementary students in both public and private schools before homeschooling her own six children. Now that all six are adults, she teaches high school literature in home school co-ops and leads dances for community groups of all ages. When not dancing, Shirley loves reading, church activities, and canoeing

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Art For ALL April 30th-June 17th 3:30-5:00PM

Art For ALL is an adaptive program for adults. Each week the students are introduced to a master artist and learn to paint in their style. Each week creating their own personal masterpiece. Adaptive equipment and a personal paced class. Art is included in the Maple Valley Art Walk as well as the Maple Valley Art Show sponsored by Maple Valley Creative Arts Council.

Instructor: Jennifer Jacobs. she can be reached at